Arizona Sucks

In out last episode, we learned that Arizona DPS is happy to misdirect you with their photo radar warnings. It gets better. Dear Arizona It’s 65.  Oh wait, 55.  Snap.  Nah, I guess I meant 65 after all.  Thanks for the $181.  Enjoy the jam  from artificially induced slowing. It’s all about safety, really. xxoo […]

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You know the Bush/John McLame’s economic plan sucks when the wealthy must visit Circle K for their 9 mpg Corniche needs.  (They do not sell Grey Poupon?  How gauche!)

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Arizona sucks

Dear Arizona Wallets Citizens Oh no.  The photo radar on the highway is not about the money.  No, it’s about safety.  See, we give you fair warning: “Photo Enforcement Zone”  How much more clear can we be?  All you have to do is immediately look across 7 lanes of traffic and a gore point, along […]

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Arizona Sucks

Fuck you Janet Napolitano.  The highways were closed over the weekend, and  – boom – Monday, there is fucking photo radar all over the place.  This is how we control deficits.  Not less spending. More revenue.  And, what the hell, less bring the pain to the people already being punished by Cheney and the oil […]

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Kiss my ass, Chevron

Just 183 more commutes (at $3/gal) and I will be making money on this adventure.  Until I add in some street tires (20 additional trips).  And a trunk (15 more trips). At 2 commutes a week, that’s only Halloween 2010. Then too, there is Healthiness.  Replace gym with bike commute and it’s  ++$$ by the […]

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