Fire Bill Martin

I blame Sailboat Bill for Michigan’s current state of affairs.

  • Appy state? Bill’s idea.
  • Toledo? Bill’s idea.
  • Notre Dame as our one “name” OOC opponent for the next 30 years? Bill’s idea.
  • RichRod? Bill’s 4th idea [Jury is still out]
  • Pissing away stadium capacity for fat cat seats? Bill again.
  • PSLs? Bill.

Is it too late to reanimate Don Canham? A fucking zombie of that guy has more smarts than Popeye the AD. Bill has shat all over the program. This season just crystallizes it.

2 thoughts on “Fire Bill Martin

  1. You are oh so right, my friend. Martin’s ego is as big as all outdoors, and combined with his lack of knowledge of intercollegiate athletics (and football in particular), he has single-handedly crashed one of the most storied programs in the country. I’m not ready to throw the towel in on Rodriguez, but there were many other choices that would have caused much less trauma. Les Miles wanted the job badly, but Bill blew it. Brady Hoke (who has mighty Ball State ranked #16 currently) was Lloyd’s choice, but not a big enough name for Bill. Jim Harbaugh? No, he hurt Bill’s feelings. With any of these guys, Michigan would likely still have Mallett, Arrington, Boren, etc., would have a winning season right now, and would be bowl eligible. I just hope to God that Martin gets out of the way and that RichRod has what it takes to rebuild this thing.

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