Circuit City: Better than Dell, but not much


compusa:  Here is your new toy

Me:  Yay!

Warcraft:  No so fast my friend.  Our downloads suck

HP a566n:  I got that beat.  Terminal freezing.  You get 3 minutes to diagnose, then a reboot.  Hah!


Google:  Dear HP a566n.  Maybe it’s a dead fan making you overheat

Circuit City:  We’ve got fans.  Also RAM.  You like Ram.

Me:  OK.  Hook me up

Money Market Credit card: cha-ching


Circuit City:  Here is a confirmation to sign for fans and RAM.  $135.

Circuit City:  Oh wait.  Your order is screwy.  We lied about the RAM.

Me:  Thanks for taking 1/2 hour to tell me.

Circuit City:  Here is a gift card for $24.

Circuit City:  Here is another receipt to sign for just the fans.  (-$46)

Me:  Huh?

Circuit City:  We don’t get it either.  Just shut up and declare victory.

Money Market Credit card: I only show a charge.  But, it’s just pending.  Maybe this won’t get all screwed up like that Dell order.  Start holding your breath on that one.

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