Arizona Sucks

3 thoughts on “Arizona Sucks

  1. Tell as many good people and businesses not to make the nightmare mistake of getting trapped in this huge SH-T HOLE !!!!!! Tell everyone and any one not to spend there money in such as a corrupt state as sh-tzona…I had made the horrible mistake of going to live in hellizona three years ago. And I have been trying to claw my way out ever since. It’s overly high cost of living and lowered standard of living will put you in a deep, deep depression. .HELP ME !!!. I want out. But I have not been able to get any descent job without having to work with some of the worst ignorant asshole people I have ever seen. And then they make some white hating mexican a ( was probably an illegal invader anyway) they made into a dam supervisor. And very low pay, even if you get paid. I plan to write a lot more in the future. But I need an escape plan, and if there is any employer in Dallas Texas that needs a good repair tech. Just call, I’ll fly out of this hellhole in minute and get over there somehow….

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