I am taking a couple of days here and there off… In my absence, karma is in charge Lions suck.  Michigan is not the worst team in the state – Lions end the [FIRE!] Matt Millen experiment by going 0-16 Favre sucks.  Brett Favre loses the karma bowl – beaten by the guy whose job […]

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santa edsel

but so what. It’s Christmas.

Dear Santa:

If I could have one thing from you this year, it would be to finish (as in “Happy Finish”) that dream I had, which featured:

  • a red/white Edsel just like this ^^ at a used car lot.  With the keys handy.
  • Michele Wendling in the shotgun seat (what is it with me, redheads and unfinished (or not based in reality) business)
  • Lorraine avenue in BFE Alaska where the car was parked, but not unoccupied.  (also the same for me and Michele –  parked, but not unoccupied, so to speak.)
  • two sets of fully active 18 year old hormones

If not that, can I get my car fixed before the year is out?



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Dear Superstar

Stop running into people  – Superstar Queen of Sheba Why does that not apply to the entire universe?  I mean really.  A fucking SUV gets to do things that I don’t?  That is so unfair… NOTE to BONEHEAD OLD MEN IN NISSANS:  the “Crash into me” tag on posts like this is not an invitation.

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