Profiles in Shit

Picture 857

Discount Cab 735, 9 a.m.  Thomas and 16th St.:  Hmmm… I am a male in desperate need of enhancement, but this cell phone call to 1-900-be-an-ass has left me feeling empowered despite my other shortcomings.

Traffic:  Hey look!  We’re all backed up.

Discount Cab 735:  This looks like a job for someone whose brain requires enhancement too.  That’s me!!

*cuts off harmless commuter in red Mustang in the inside lane*

Person on the other end of the phone call:  Whatever, dude.  $3.99 per minute.

Mustang:  *death glare.  Searches for F3 button to invoke gargoyle and blood runes.*

Discount Cab 735:  Oh this is boring.  I’ll just meander back into my original lane.

Mustang:  *sees cop blocking inside lane*

Mustang:  *sees break in front of Discount Cab 735*  he’s a professional.  He will let me in since he’s seen the cop.  He’s STILL yakking on his cell phone, so he cannot be in a big hurry.

Discount Cab 735:  That’s what you think.  CVS says my Viagra Rx is ready, and the 4-H is in town.  Barnyard animals are notoriously impatient.

*cuts off Mustang changing lanes to avoid cop, in order to putter down Thomas at 24 mph.*

Mustang:  *searches for RPG in glove box.  Item not found*

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