You can go now…

I'm a different kind of commish

Sorry?!  You’re goddamned sorry?!…  You told them ALL OF IT?! – Ronald Everett Gardocki, having just been fucked in the ass (figuratively) by Vic Mackey.

You can go now…”  Claudette Wyms, after making Vic watch Ronnie get arrested, based on Vic’s confession for immunity deal.

From now on, when I say, ‘Suck my dick,’ you say, ‘You want me to lick your balls, Daddy?'” – Antwon Mitchell, Lompoc State Prison, eager to welcome Mr. Gardocki into the loving arms of the penal system.

I’ve done worse” – Vic Mackey

Since I killed myself, Vic didn’t need immunity, didn’t need to confess to get it, and didn’t need to implicate Ronnie, unable to warn him of the impending ass fucking.” – Shane “brain splatter” Vendrell.

Due to our fucked up servers, the original, timely version of this post does not exist” – Pressharbor, who hosts this site.

I AM a bitch.  The queen bitch.” – Karma, pissing all over everyone real or pretend

The Shield (2002-2007):  Rest in pieces.

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