I am taking a couple of days here and there off…

ho ho ho

In my absence, karma is in charge

  • Lions suck.  Michigan is not the worst team in the state – Lions end the [FIRE!] Matt Millen experiment by going 0-16
  • Favre sucks.  Brett Favre loses the karma bowl – beaten by the guy whose job he took.  Guy who chose him gets fired for a shitty Mike Ditka impersonation [Ed.  Ditka, as coach of the Saints, gave up all his other draft choices to get Ricky Williams, who flopped (but helped beat Favre yesterday)]
  • Warcrack.  Since the football season actually ended in November, I am trying to get my death knight to 80 before the year is out.  Just 1.6 million XP left to go.
  • Then, it’s Willard’s turn.
  • Gotta get my car fixed, due to inadvertent crashing.

And that’s the news, Monday, December 29, 2008. [HT: Walter Cronkite]

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