Dear Power Ford North Scottsdale: We’re done

Dear Power Ford North Scottsdale doorknobs

In December, 2007, I came to you with a little steering wiggle.

Me:  I have had cars for 30 years – I know I need an alignment
PFNS:  No, you just need a $70 wheel balancing.  Alignments are for pussies.
GF: You guys are dead now.
Me:  Well, you’re the experts.

May 2008 – time for an oil change, under the new 5000 mile interval specified by Ford.

PFNS: Let us give you a courtesy checkup
PFNS: Rear brakes are at 6 mm – condition yellow (fix soon, but not right now).  Tread depth yellow, tread wear (I don’t remember what they checked, or even if)
Me:  Well, you’re the experts.

January 5 2009- time for an oil change, under the new 5000 mile interval specified by Ford.

PFNS: You need the 30K service on this sheet
Me:  looks like an oil change and courtesy checkup.  Let’s call it that, since that is what it is, and save me $100.
PFNS 90 minutes later: 10 min. Oil change is done.  Rear brakes are still at 6 mm – condition yellow (fix soon, but not right now).  Tread depth yellow, tread wear yellow (i.e., something is wrong)
Me:  Well, you’re the experts.
PFNS service advisor who has the report because he is handing it to the cashier in my presence:  You’re good to go.  Thanks!
Me:  Well, you’re the experts.


Me:  Tread wear?  Yellow?  WTF?  90 minutes with my car and there is no explanation on the report, or from the service advisor?  WTF?

January 8, 2009

Me: Hi guys – Ford says “treadwear” is yellowy.  Please tell me why.
Discount Tire:  Dude, you needed an alignment about 10K miles ago.  Your tires are shit due to excessive toe-out.  A cursory inspection by a trained Ford service department could have picked this out long ago.
Me:  D-ooh
Mastercard:  Mmmm… impending interest charges.

So that’s the story, PFNS.  You told me I was wrong, when I was right.  You were indifferent this last time about my service, because I would not buy into your dealer-designated profit service, that differs from the Ford recommended service.  You were indifferent about my 20 mile drive to your store.  You were indifferent about the hour and a half for an oil change.  You were indifferent about the areas of concern noted on your own report, so indifferent, you could not be bothered to explain.  And, your superior knowledge has cost me a new set of tires.  Thanks.

Here is a hint – not all customers are idiots when it comes to car repair.  Here is another – when the tech sees iffy treadwear, look further. Treadwear problems do not cure themselves.  They are symptoms of mechanical issues to fix. If i knew I was going to be stuck there all morning, I would have let you do the alignment I asked for a year ago.  More money for you, my car is fixed, and I remain a customer.  Instead, I had to buy new tires, and I am giving my alignment business to someone who wants my business and understands the simple concept that while you guys might service 100 Mustangs that all look the same, this is the only one that matters to me, and it’s my money.  If you want my money, you need to pretend to understand that.



P.S.  All those expensive plate frames you sell are illegal, and will subject your customers to $135 tickets.  Darwin is laughing, but your dwindling customer base won’t be.

P.P.S.  Since I needed tires, and you sell tires, you missed that $, too.

2 thoughts on “Dear Power Ford North Scottsdale: We’re done

  1. You might want to finish your 30K outline in your manual. If you don’t do the factory required maintenance and keep records, your warranty may not be honored. The 30K on the Stang includes a fuel filter and air filter, as well as some more in-depth inspections. Also, alignment issues doesn’t cause vibrations but should be performed with tire replacement. Rear brakes at 6mm is not even half worn, I think they come with 10mm new. If you wore 4mm in 30K miles and have 6mm left, do the math-not the brakes. You might want to talk to a Manager because of some rushed schmuck on the service drive isn’t doing his job correctly.

  2. Yeah, I know the other stuff needs done – the other stuff in the manual at least. Air filter I do myself more frequently.

    It’s hard to describe the steering at speed – it’s a wiggle that is not always there, i.e., not tied to the rotation of the tire, it’s not a tire out of balance, and the weird wear means alignment was part of the deal.

    I AM glad they did not try to sell me on a pre-need brake job. However, they were off on the tires by 20% (I remeasured and Discount remeasured)and so their other measurements are suspect in my eyes.

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