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Police: Man takes off with 2 cases of beer from Circle K

by Nathan Gonzalez – Jan. 16, 2009 12:19 PM
The Arizona Republic

Mesa police are seeking a man they believe threatened to stab a Circle K convenience store clerk for two cases of beer early Friday, police said. The incident began about 3 a.m. when the suspect entered the store on the 1900 block of W. University, police said. The suspect spoke with the clerk about purchasing beer from a locked cooler.  The clerk told the suspect he could not sell beer from the locked cooler. The subject then noticed a beer display and asked the clerk if he would chase him if he stole the beer. The clerk said no, police said.  The suspect then grabbed two cases of beer. As he attempted to leave, the suspect told the clerk he had a knife, and didn’t want to stab the clerk, police said.  The suspect also ordered the clerk to wait five minutes before calling the police, which the clerk did.

This did happen to me once, as a clerk at a 7-Eleven.  Some Viet Nam vet had just seen Platoon, and got all worked up.  I had made the mistake of leaving the door to the imports open.  He got a 6 of Heineken and, later, a visit from the police, since he did say he would kill me.  I got an apology from the vet, and a bunch of whining from “the Griffer” (my boss) for leaving the door unlocked and costing the store $6.89 (plus deposit).

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