happy birthday to me

it’s been 5 LONG years.

There is no record of the humble beginnings On 2/16/04.  I know there was porn very soon after.  (Don’t search – it didn’t last.)

Then, the search engines tied “girl” in the title to porn searches, leading to internet creeps.  Thus began the rise of the messenger puppet.

In July, 04, the puppet got its own domain.

In Fall ’07, we switched to wordpress.  So many format changes and consolidations. Everything else is right here.

Thanks for being one of the millions who have been exposed to my internet content, and one of about 250 per day who come here on purpose.

2 thoughts on “happy birthday to me

  1. You should. It was your comment about easily defeating the anti-kid exposure safeguards that caused it to go away.

    That and the whole copyright violation thing. And the Ashcroft crusade against breasteses and those who might ogle them.

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