I’ll take Steaming Piles for $200

Some weeks in Phoenix make you want to gouge your eyes out with forks.  Today’s villain:  the 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon. GM’s answer to the age old question:  how much DO we hate our dealers?  The good news is that they only produced about 17 of them before switching to the tolerable, conventional-looking notchback sedan.  […]

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Making Flippy Floppy

Snap into position Bounce till you ache Step out of line And you end up in jail Bring me a doctor I have a hole in my head How to tell you live a life of delusion, example 812:  Mitt Romney bumper sticker a year after he was bounced out of the campaign by Grandma […]

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Why yes, they’re real

OG Fred scoops me by spotting a new 2010 Camaro in (of all places) Kalamazoo Michigan.  Two inescapable conclusions derive from this event: Kalamazoo is 2000 miles closer to the Camaro factory in Montreal OG Fred needs to get a camera phone or a point and shoot or something so I don’t have to “borrow” […]

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Q: When is it OK

to use the left turn lane as a travel lane? to disregard your own turn signals? or the speed limit signs? or lane markings? to California stop your way through a right turn on red? A:  When you’re this guy, evidently. But hey, what do I know? On the bright side, I did not see […]

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Naked Phoenix

There are no photos:  read on and you will understand So, it’s Wednesday and i am biking to work.  In the morning, the drunks are lined up at the market promptly at 8:30.  It’s Miller time. 15th and Sheridan:  Let’s make a dope deal.  Just keep riding. Afternoon commute Oooh, look, grafitti sprayovers (new, competing […]

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Life’s little ironies

Some people are arrogant, or they’re stupid. If you put those things together, that’s a lethal combination. Sheriff Joe, in the Arizona Republic Sheriff Joe has a long and (vain-?  in-?)glorious history, if you do not immediately graps the irony.

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