Naked Phoenix

There are no photos:  read on and you will understand

So, it’s Wednesday and i am biking to work.  In the morning, the drunks are lined up at the market promptly at 8:30.  It’s Miller time.

15th and Sheridan:  Let’s make a dope deal.  Just keep riding.

Afternoon commute

Oooh, look, grafitti sprayovers (new, competing tags covering older ones).  Looks like blue is asserting itself, along with white.  Just keep riding.

Oh look, a group of angry young men hovering around cars right next to the bike path. BTW, my bike is red.    Just keep riding.  Don’t look to see if they mounted up, lest they see it and do it.

Oh look again, a couple of fine young men sitting on the southbound curb as I am traveling southbound.

Me:   *eases more towards the middle, trying to look non-chalant and preoccupied by my music.

Curb guy:  *Yells something*

Me:    Just keep riding.

Epilogue:  took longer, which is odd, because once I got to the point where it would not look obvious to my new groupies, I busted ass out of there.

Time for a new afternoon route, at least while the social clubs work out their competitive issues.

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