Police work worthy of Sheriff Joe

2 men found shot to death inside car parked in alley

Phoenix police are investigating a double shooting in a Phoenix alley Wednesday night. Police found two men shot to death inside a 1975 Ford Torino near 47th Avenue and Camelback Road, said Sgt. Tommy Thompson, Phoenix police spokesman. “It looks like a homicide,” Thompson said.

Really?  Don’t commit too early to that analysis.

In crappy reporting worthy of me, the article about two guys shot to death in a car continues thusly…

Police did not state how long the victims were left in their car, and there are no details on the extent of injuries.

These guys are dead.  Their injuries are gunshot wounds causing death.  At a minimum, their injuries are utter paralysis, complete respiratory and heart failure, cessation of all brain functions and pervasive necrosis.

According to police there is no suspect information and investigators have not determined if the suspect vehicle was involved.

Better bring it in for questioning.  Don’t forget Miranda warnings.

This article brought to you by No Child Left Behind – another side effect of the Bush Depression.

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