Go Blue Go Hold the Soap

Michigan reduces the plumbing related section of the lockerroom to its basic essences:  “go”-ing and not inviting ass frolicking in the shower.  We know it’s a form of team building, but when we say the Michigan way will be pounded into you, homoerotic Lever 2000 fantasies are not part of the traditional program.  not that […]

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Cop or not?

Let’s see… Crown Vic?  Check. Funny antennae?  Check. Ugly steel wheels?  Check. Weird Plate?  Check. A-pillar spotlights?  Check. COP LIGHTS IN THE BACK WINDOW?!?!?!  Check. Also: CNG?  WTF?  WHO USES THAT EXC. GOVERNMENT FLEET VEHICLES? Survey says Cop.  Jesus yes, it’s a cop.

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