Animal House

OOO, I am so impressed
Chi O’s may know how to party, but their back seat parlors need an upgrade.

I understood why the girls of “A Chi O” would not associate with us, just as I understood the privilege of the Alpha Phi’s deigning to appear at a joint party with Phi Sigma Kappa and the Fijis.

  1. Money.  They had it, we didn’t.
  2. Class.  They wished, we didn’t.

But the girls of “Chi O”?  Hanging with them was almost as impossible – once, maybe twice a year.  The Phi Mus would be over in a heartbeat.  The DZs were always up for a good time, and the AOPies were usually good sports.  But Chi O?

It couldn’t be the money – they rented out a dorm from Western after losing their house.

It couldn’t be that or class, as this parking lot shows:

  • 1977 base Firebird – equivalent to Pretty Boy.  Also mostly shit.
  • 1978 AMC Concord – complete shit
  • 1978 Ford Fiesta – same as Sheen.  Not complete shit, but cheap.
  • 1979 Ford Pinto – slightly less explosive than Piller’s Pinto, but still beyond complete shit
  • 1979 4 cyl Mustang – same as Gingerman and Hummelberg.  Also, just a shitty truncated Fairmont.

You girls weren’t even Bimmer-driving poseurs, so what gives?  It’s me drunk humping the legs of everyone on your executive board, isn’t it?  (That or the fact that the Tekes and their ample doobage supplies were a lot closer.)

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Strength and Hono[u]r?

Strength and Honour?  Interesting slogan.  It got me thinking about warcraft, because the goat people [Ed.: Tauren] in the game are always saying “strength and honor.”  Michigan football, especially 2008, is a lot like Warcraft, in that: people living in Mom’s basement, with no other life (I’m talking to you, bloggers) are really into it. […]

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Name that car

Ignore the bowtie.  Who is it?  Account for the bowtie.  Is it a Cavalier?  A Malibu?  An Impala? What a completely generic, anonymous car. in less than 24 hours, at least three cars tried to hit me, as if they did not even see me. I was barreling down Washington yesterday (at the speed limit, […]

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