Strength and Hono[u]r?

On the other wall?  "For the Horde"?
Michigan Football is Warcraft? (c)

Strength and Honour?  Interesting slogan.  It got me thinking about warcraft, because the goat people [Ed.: Tauren] in the game are always saying “strength and honor.”  Michigan football, especially 2008, is a lot like Warcraft, in that:

  • people living in Mom’s basement, with no other life (I’m talking to you, bloggers) are really into it.
  • Lately, Michigan fans are universally mocked by people with real lives (or successful teams), but we don’t give a shit.
  • guild (Big 10) was lame (2008)
  • last season (2008) was definitely an Alliance kind of year, because we usually got stomped***, even by seemingly lesser level opponents.  Sounds like a typical day on the battleground. [Ed.: 2009 wound up that way too, but he held on longer.]
  • Fucking n00bs.  Rewatch the 2008 offense, and see if that doesn’t come to mind.
  • Our epic warrior gear (unbreakable traditions, ginormous stadium, fancy hats, ghost of Bo) was of absolutely no use in weekly raids, especially against epic bosses (yes, I know we played sweatervest mccheaterpants the undead [Ed.:  Tressel] on the road.  See also 2002-2007)

***what else would you call a Michigan team losing to Toledo?  In a non-off year, we should have beat them by 70, so losing by any margin must have been an epic asskicking.

2 thoughts on “Strength and Hono[u]r?

  1. Interestingly enough, I have this quote engraved on my street bike, and it was on the back of my college room dorm door, during my years running track. Those who compete at the upper levels understand, those who don’t – well, they don’t.

  2. oh I understand it, just as I understand “holding the rope.” The spelling of honor was pretentious. And, like I said, the phrase comes up constantly in Warcraft.

    Don’t misunderstand. I am not criticizing the athletes or their efforts.

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