What the hell were you thinking, teaming up with Adam “shoulder pad wing things” Lambert? Does this mean the rumors about Paul Stanley are true after all? Or does it mean that the disco-dreck “I was made for loving you” was just the first of many completely whorish sell outs for $?

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Verizon Sucks

8/07: 2 year renewal @120 a month.  175 per line to terminate (reduced by $5 a month). Straightforward enough.  My advantage to cancel the whole plan through about month 20.  Break even point (cancel/keep paying) on individual $10 added lines is about month 14. 8/08: Dear customer.  We would like to give you 500 minutes […]

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Going Mobile

I just added a plug in to make the page display differently (hopefully better) pn mobile devices. Let me know if it’s an improvement: irfnibutanica >a< netscape dot net

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