And I would have gotten away with it…

if it weren’t for those meddling kids that goddamned First Amendment.

Enter H.R. 2175. That’s a bill that Rep. Moran introduced last month that would prohibit any ED ads from airing on broadcast radio and TV between 6AM and 10PM. The bill advises the Federal Communications Commission to treat these ads as “indecent” and instruct stations to restrict their broadcast to late night and overnight hours. –

James Patrick "Jim" Moran, Jr.
I don’t want to hear about any floppy and withered penis except my own

Dear Representative Jim Moran (D-VA):

I am sorry that your grandkids found your little blue Extenze capsules.  I am sorry too, that, because you left your TV on SPIKE at 3 a.m.. they learned what those pills really are.  I am sorry too, that they called you an impotent non-fuck fucktard after that. ( It’s not slander if it’s true.)  But stop trying to piss on me with your medically enhanced tool.  Or give back the pills.  Your choice


The First Amendment

P.S. Bob Dole says that if this dumbshit bill even makes it out of committee. he is coming to your office, loaded with a fresh scrip, to play out that one canoe trip scene. Wee-e-e-e-e-e!

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