Verizon Sucks

8/07: 2 year renewal @120 a month.  175 per line to terminate (reduced by $5 a month). Straightforward enough.  My advantage to cancel the whole plan through about month 20.  Break even point (cancel/keep paying) on individual $10 added lines is about month 14.


Dear customer.  We would like to give you 500 minutes in overdraft protection for the next year.  It’s because we like you.

Me:  Wow.  Customer loyalty has its perks, right?


Me:  What is my cancellation cost if I want to bail?

Verizon:  $135 per line!

Me:  WTF?  Fuzzy math.  I call shenanigans.

Verizon:  No, dumbass.  We reset your cancellation fee when you took the 500 minutes.  Did you not read the fine print that was not actually there?

P.S.  We also  changed a material term of your plan so we could bill you for some of your free text messages. You accepted this by continuing to use your phones, since it was cheaper than canceling them.


What they did is shift back (in time) the point when it was cheaper to bail than stay.  The part that galls me, apart from the non-existent or woefully inadequate consumer disclosures, is the cynical, punitive nature of it.  When number portability first came into play, the telecoms bitched and moaned, and this is their response

we will make it prohibitively expensive to port your number.  You can do whatever you want, but your choices are pay our blood money or go fuck yourself and your years as a customer with this number.  Start over bitch.

Of course if you would like to stay with us and our decent network, shitty plans and disabled phone features, we would love to keep cashing those checks.  Look! Shiny new phones!

Two words, Verizon: Iphone, bitches.

A few other words:  I will email my new number to those who deserve it.  Verizon wants to make it cheaper to finish than to leave, in hopes I stay?  I will go cheaper all right…

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  1. I read some advice two months ago that we can save money by bundling our services with Verizon. My wife called on 4/3/09 asking to have all of our services bundled through Verizon. Verizon said no problem. Now two months later all they did was add their expensive and shitty local and long distance service to our account and nothing more. The service is more expensive than Trinsic (our old provider) and they don’t even include caller id. My wife no longer trusts Verizon so she wants to cancel all service and switch back to Trinsic.

  2. Pete,

    Jim from your dept. told me today that Verizon has done all that they can for me, and that the service is what it is. I hung up on him & will be switching to AT&T between spring and summer quarter. You were great to work with, but 1 of 2 Verizon reps that I spoke with were either unprofessional or uneducated in regards to Verizon’s services.

    Verizon’s service sucks, is not worth the + $200 per month I spend for 3 phones and the broadband (all subpar performance), but I thank you for your efforts to make my service better.


  3. If you decided to try FiOS, make sure you don’t buy the package: internet is great, TV is okay (sometimes go black for a few moments but not every day), phone will be a mistake …

    And of course they lock you down so you have to live with it …

  4. Just try and get these incompetents on the phone. Only for wireless will you get a live person. That’s because the make bank on that. The PSC in Maryland tells me they can’t keep up with the complaints. I have waited 10 days to get my line fixed (their fault). They suck.

  5. Verizon is sucks. Internet service is impossible to use. Service even worth than connection. Hate it!!!

  6. Verizon sucks. I had 3 phones on the premium family share plan and my bill was always over 300.00. No one would help me, we didn’t go over our minutes, download anything, i was always from day 2 of service concerned, but the rep always told me that it wouldn’t be the same high bill the next month. Liars. I finally just stopped paying the bill because one, i wanted an iphone, two, no one ever could explain why my bill was always screwed up, and three, i hated verizon. So receiving my final bill i see i owe over 1,000 bucks for 3 lines with the early term fees. Mind you, i told them i wanted to cancel, one month late bill not paid and early term fees do NOT add up to over 1,000 bucks, so with my original contract in hand, went to see what i was being charged for. I found out that my contract end dates were completely different than those on my original contract, as if i just signed up for service and cancelled the 2nd month in. I had the service over a year. I paid over 300.00 bucks a month for over a year. Obviously no one will help me, and i’m told it’s my fault as i should have been on top of my plan, but no one can show any overages, downloads, nothing and on all my previous bills, shows no overages in any area, so if you are even thinking of buying their crap of customer rated #1, i don’t know who they pay to fix that for them, but i’ve gotten crap customer service both in person and on the phone, and the service being better is a great myth! STAY AWAY FROM THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY, OVER PRICED CRAP IS AL YOU GET

    I had verizon cable and phone with HD package, and wanted to add internet to bundle all three. So they did so. Later I went to view HD channel and didn’t have it. I called SHITTY VERIZON up to find out why. They said I will have to upgrade to get HD package. I said I already had the HD package and you took it away. They said they didn’t take anything away. So you people that’s thinking about getting SHITY VERIZON I strongly encourage you not too. I had HD package before and now I don’t, and have to pay more to get it back. It’s simple, they F___ing lied to me. So you people be aware of SHITTY VERIZON FRAUD.

  8. I got in to Verizon Bundle a year ago and they just raised my phone bill by $20 this month. Said my promotion was over. They said would be glad to put me in another promotion, but that will even be MORE when that promotion expires. HOW NICE! THANKS VERIZON

  9. Oh my fucking god I cannot believe what the customer service is putting me through this morning. All I fucking want to do is transfer my current account to a new fucking address. It’s called “moving”. As in, people change the geographic location of their residences from time to time. What does Verizon not fucking understand about that? Assholes want to try to force me into a whole NEW bundle that would cost THREE FUCKING TIMES AS FUCKING MUCH AS I’M PAYING NOW. And whenever I try to carry on an intelligent chat with “Jack”, he keeps referring me to the “moving” page on Verizon’s home page. Problem is, all that does is make me repeat the whole, hellish process all over again. Now I get to wait until monday morning to deal with some pseudoprofessional old hag in the fucking business office who no doubt will tell me she’s “so sorry I had so much trouble”, as if she could give two shits. May God fucking shove a lightning bolt up the ass of Verizon’s CEO and their entire fucking board of directors, because if I ever see them face to face I WILL tell them how fucking full of shit those fucking crooks are.

    Hey Verizon: I’m going to go to one of your competitors, so




  10. Just moved to LA and have the worst Verizon and ordered FIOS before I did the research. OMG what a horrible service. Internet goes in and out, of 3 TVs only 1 works, cable everywhere. I’ve been trying for a week to get them to come out and fix it. 25 calls later and over 22 hours on the phone and I’m still without service. On top of that, I don’t get cell service here, so everytime I call them I HAVE TO WALK DOWN THE BLOCK. I WAS a Verizon customer to 12 years. No more.

    I have a suggestion. Make the customer service reps actually call and try to get help. Maybe that would show them that automated phone trees, hang ups and constantly connecting to another agent is of no help whatsoever.

  11. Had problems with connection. DSL 10x slower than dial-up 4 hours of phone calls to some third world country and problem not resolved called Comcast YEAH!!!!!! Called verizon to put in cancellation order for week of july 29th and the stupid idiot on the other end of the phone put in the cancelation order for that day without confirming it with me. Now I don’t even have crappy internet nor do I have any access to my email despite being told that I would still have access to it for the next 30 days. Verizon has the worst customer service that I have ever had the displeasure of being forced to deal with. DO NOT waste your time or money with these idiots. Any body know who I can file a complaint with?

  12. Verizon sucks. Rachel who says she is “above” everyone in billing is double charging me for a DVR rental that I returned. Altho I was told by billing reps and tech guys that I would be credited the Almighty Rachel says there is no written down record of what the reps said. First she kept saying the UPS tracking number was invalid even tho I had it rightup on the screen and said I would email the page to her. When I asked for someone to write to she said “go ahead, your complaint would just come to me ha ha”. Bi-otch to the max. Way to give the company a bad name. FIRE HER VERIZON.

  13. Important: Please note that payments made without signing in to My Verizon will soon be processed by a vendor. The vendor will assess a convenience fee of $3.50 for each payment made. To avoid incurring a fee, we encourage you to sign in (or register) to your My Verizon account to make a payment.

  14. Signed up for a Verizon bundle in May 2008. Phone service went out several times before they sent a truck to replace a part outside the home. Customer service was terrible. Then, I lost DSL for 2 weeks. Had to deal with Indian help desk who kept closing my service tickets before I found some Verizon group in Canada (they told me to keep the number secret)who helped. It was too late. I switched back to Comcast cable modem last Nov. 6 months later (June ’09) after losing phone a few more times, I switched to Comcast Digital Voice (it’s own set of problems but Comcast cust serv is better).

    I still have DirecTV (which I like but will drop due to bundling). Too bad.

    One more thing. The people on the phone at Verizon also lie. They promise you a deal to sign up and then don’t deliver. They also promise you free months to compensate you for service loss – and then you don’t get them. Verizon has the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

  15. What ever you do do not switch from cable to to verizon , they installed 6/27 -today 9/18 I have recd 2 bills one for 304.00 claiom they need 1 month ahead >>WAS NOT TOLD THAT ..Today A bill for 431.00 2 1/2 and no one can get me THE BILLING SPECIALIST ..PLEASE SAVE YOUR SELF DO NOT SWITCH VERIZON SUCKS >>>>

  16. I feel all of your pain. It’s good to know that I’m not alone. I used to LOVE Verizon to the point where I’d defend them to anyone that bad mouthed them. Those days are long gone.

    I bought the brand new HTC Touch Pro 2 on Oct 2. By Oct 5th it would no longer boot into the OS. I called Verizon and requested an exchange. I received one of two choices:

    Choice 1: Mail in the phone and get a refurbished one back.

    EXCUSE ME? You want me to mail in a $350 phone that had been powered on for, at the very most, 36 hours and in return you’re going to give me a refurbished one? SUCK MY DICK!

    Choice 2: Go to the store I bought it at and turn it in for a refund.

    FUCK YOU! I’ve waited since January for this phone. I have one now that I paid $350 plus an early upgrade fee for and now because you sold me defective merchandise you want me to wait and hope i can get one in the next shipment? A shipment that you do not know the date of? FUCK YOU!

    You wont even give me a temp phone in the meantime…you want me to buy another phone! YEAH THE FUCK RIGHT! ARE YOU STUPID? HAS ALL THAT MONEY GOTTEN IN THE WAY OF YOUR COMMON SENSE? You fucked me once and you expect me to gladly bend over so you can do it again? Sorry, things come out my ass not in.

    On top of all this, after 5hrs on the phone speaking to a handful of different reps all saying something different, my wife gets to speak to a manager who has the balls to tell her she needs to be more professional. FUCK YOU! You be professional! You made this personal.

    Worry free gaurantee? = Bullshit

    1 year warrenty? = Bullshit

    Verizon? = Bullshit

    If I dont get a new phone best believe I’ll drive the 2hrs it will take me to get to your New York location and chuck the heavy fucking brick you sold me at one of your fucking heads!!!

  17. If you want to attempt real resolution, get in touch with me. I have the contact information for Verizon Wireless “Executive Relations” team.

    I am among the thousands of unhappy Verizon Wireless customers. Recieved a Blackberry Storm by mail. Activated by an in store representative, only to later find out that I was being billed for a Data Plan subscription that I was not informed of beforehand, and that I did not accept. Attempted to return the phone numerous times, and have dealt with Customer Care a half a dozen times. Its been 8 months.

    Finally I discovered how to reach the Executive Relations team at Verizon Wireless. They are the only ones who can help resolve your problem, short of having an attorney contact them. BTW, I subscribe to Pre-Paid Legal for $35 a month, and their attorneys at no additional charge, will contact Verizon Wireless. Find me on .

    Share your experiences online and then email me at . I will forward you important contact information to reach the real decision makers at Verizon Wireless, the Executive Relations team.

  18. ever since i got the verizon package with hd extreme and internet ive been having nothing but problems.. i was told hbo and cinemax was free first three months.. WRONG i was charged for it first bill.. first no no we were never told the first bill was pro rated so seeing 180 bucks when i was told it was 118 was BS second no no so OK now i ordered the phone service since my gf and i have shit cell phone service at our place.. 1st appointment installer never showed up called support was told “well i cant see why he didnt show” rescheduled for today any time between 8AM and 2 PM a 6 HOUR WINDOW installer is still not here and probably wont show up again today just called support again got hung up on, called back waited for a half hour nobody picked up its ironic that the waiting music sounds like porn because every time i think verizon i feel im getting banged in the ass..thanks for nothing verizon and have a merry fucking day when i do get through to support it will be to tell them to cancel my order and that im switching over to time warner

  19. It seems Verizon thinks its customers are stupid. I’ve been waiting for months to use my “New Every Two” credit on a new Droid. (“New Every Two” is a discount Verizon offers its existing customers every two years to upgrade to a new phone.) Here’s the thing, Verizon advertisers the Droid at $149 to existing customers, the New Every Two credit on a Droid is $100. So I should pay $49, right? Nope. If a customer wants to use the new every two on the Droid, Verizon jacks up the price to $199 so the final price is $99. Am I the only one who thinks this is complete BS?

  20. My girlfriend and I are attempting to get Verizon FIOS and it’s been nothing but a nightmare. We took off work and waited all day for them for our scheduled installation and they never showed up. When we called and asked why they said they called our number. When we asked which one, they referenced on incorrect one even though my girlfriend made it a point to verify the phone number various times prior to scheduling the appointment.

    Verizon told us they would come the following Sunday…and guess what…when we called to verify the same day they were supposed to show…they had nothing in the system and never showed again.

    Now they say it will be a week and a half before they will come out.

    The call reps have lied to us multiple times about scheduling future appointments, lied to us about their names and employee IDs, and have lied to us about the numbers they attempted to call.

    Is there a twitter page we can start? Call a local or national news service to start an awareness campaign? I’d be on board to help.

  21. Verizon will self implode, just a matter of time… Speaking of time, has anyone
    received their ETF Class Action refund

  22. I closed a Verizon landline account & was promised that a message directing callers to my new # would be put on. Instead, a regular “no longer in service” message was put on. When I called Verizon to get the message corrected to WHAT WAS PROMISED, the Verizon rep told me “because it wasn’t done when the account was closed, it can’t be changed.”
    So Verizon LIED to me when they said the message would be put on.
    If you’re forced to use any part of Verizon service, DO NOT BELIEVE anything they tell you.

  23. I switched over from att to verizon wireless. The trial period is 30 days. I canceled 10 days before the trial ended. Now I am being charged for 2 months of service (though I was told by customer service that I would be charged a pro-rated fee for the amount of time the phone was used), and verizon is also trying to bill me an early termination fee of over $300. Customer service promise to waive this in a few weeks, but can they be trusted? I’m not so sure.

  24. I had verizon wireless 4 years ago. I was moving into a new apartment and needed to get home phone service. The provider in the area was Verizon(fuck-asses). I was able to setup the service online and thought how convienent for me. When I moved in low and behold I found my service to be void of funtionality. After 2 weeks of calls on my shifty vz cell to VZ in order to get my service working. I was told my service was on and that I would have to lay 100 dollars for some asshole to come out and fix whatever was wrong. Fucking Bullshit!!!!!!!!! I finally got in touch with someone who atleast pretended to give two shits about my problem. They scheduled a tech to come out for free the following wednesday. Guess what ???? No fucking show!!! After 2 months of being fuck around by these incompetent dick asses. I gave up and decided to cancel the service. They gladly agreed to cancel my service at no charge. I was fucking amazed. Two weeks later I got a bill for 287 dollars!!!!! WTF are you fucking kidding me?!?! After trying to explain my situation to a customer service employee and manager, they told me verbatim ” sir you just need to pay the bill” I payed it just to get out of assfucks service. I also cancelled my cell contract and am currently typing this from my iPhone 3gs. FUCK YOU Verizon. I will make it my lifes fucking mission to let everyone know about your cock sucking ways. May you eat shit and die.

  25. fuck verizon i am a struggling roofer go figure it is the winter so thye shut my phone off five days now but to reconect it they need to charge me for he time i was alsop not able to make phone calls long story short they can blow themselves money is tight for everyone

  26. gave up land phone for their repeated double charges,switched completely to cell, swithed inetrnet to time warner.
    now I relocated myself to overseas.
    I forgot one thing. the stupid e-mail account they gave me when I got their DSL. those messages I kept on verizonmail are completely gone and they do not give me contact number via website.
    fuck verizon, die

  27. fucvk u verizon i hopre u burn n hell u sobs all u think about is money i worked 4 vcu sob 4 31 yrs i no go broke fuck u

  28. Their internet is shit. It seems like everybody but me has GREAT internet. I’m stuck with this shit because of where I live. I don’t know if satellite internet would be better. All I know is that Verizon is a worse version of Hitler.

  29. Buyer beware Verizon Replacement phones have crap for a warrantee even if it’s new….I got totally screwed ,,,

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