Not Me

Driving (A Bulldozer) While Intoxicated Ohio man suspected of upturning neighbor’s lawn under influence JUNE 30–Meet Robert Tite. In an apparent drunk driving first, the Ohio man is facing criminal charges for allegedly piloting a bulldozer while intoxicated. Tite, 57, was nabbed last Friday after he drove the heavy machinery onto a neighbor’s property and […]

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Verizon Sucks?

Jury is out.  One thing that doesn’t suck  on Verizon Wireless (apart from paying for it)?  Rhapsody. Almost unlimited music on my phone for $15/month.  Weirdest shit ever, and I don’t have to pay extra or pay for stuff that sucks.  The only other charge is burning it to CD, but the pretend my phone […]

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Cop or not?

Fun and games in Highland Park, Michigan: Let’s examine the clues: Crown vic weird license A-pillar spotlights Four(!) roof antennas trunk antenna blacked out wheels giant row of lights in the back window Also there’s this…

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