Best Escort Ever?

Merkur XR4ti
It’s like a little trunklet, but it’s a hatch!
Merkur XR4ti
It’s looks much cooler when you think it’s German

I loved these cars. Loved the biplane spoiler on the first models.  Loved the line when it was on sale in England.

Hated the “Merkur” brand created just to fuck them over.  Hated “XR4Ti.”  what the fuck was wrong with “Ford,” Ford?  And what the fuck was wrong with “Sierra” or even simply “XR4” without the garnish?  If you had asked me (which you didn’t – morons), I would have left off the Ti (Turbocharged/injected) because you idiots used the same motor in my Zephyr – bragging is the exact opposite of what you should have done.

The other problem was Germany. One out of every two cars built in Germany is awesome, tank-like and will run forever.  Every other one is the opposite of well built and reliable, and all of the shitty every-other-ones  went to Ford for this ill advised phony import brand disaster.  Not a better idea after all

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