It takes two hands to handle a Whopper…

A two fisted whopper from Burger King

Aren't You Hungry
Aren’t You Hungry?

Fill your desire from something long, juicy and…

Have it your way!
Have it your way!

Yearn for more after you taste the mind blowing burger that comes


  1. great stuff to kick start my creative side this AM

  2. Angus Bunnahabhain

    “Beef.” It’s what’s for dinner.

  3. […] you are at the BK Lounge having a delicious Whopper on a June night.  Whats the worst that can happen? Some kids nail your car backing out?  They […]

  4. […] bunch of high schoolers and trailer dwellers watch other high schoolers and trailer dwellers make shitty burgers badly and your office is in the basement of one of those exotic […]

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