Cop or Not?

More fun in Michigan.  Yeah, I spotted your ass a 1/2 mile back John Law.  You’re late for your speed trap.  Your buddy needs fresh donuts. Michigan:  Taking the worst of Ohio and making it our own.

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Cop or not?

Welcome to Michigan! We do not give a shit how many tourist dollars you just dumped – we need more, and the meth heads do not pay their taxes.

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Best Escort Ever?

I loved these cars. Loved the biplane spoiler on the first models.  Loved the line when it was on sale in England. Hated the “Merkur” brand created just to fuck them over.  Hated “XR4Ti.”  what the fuck was wrong with “Ford,” Ford?  And what the fuck was wrong with “Sierra” or even simply “XR4” without […]

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Dick Cheney: Up is Down

Cheney: No link between Saddam Hussein, 9/11 WASHINGTON (CNN) — Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday that he does not believe Saddam Hussein was involved in the planning or execution of the September 11, 2001, attacks. [6.1.09] But, wink, wink nudge nudge… MR. RUSSERT: The Washington Post asked the American people about Saddam Hussein, […]

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