Cop or not?

So let’s see: Black paint weird fender lights weird license plate what, what, WHAT?  Since when do cops get to move their steering wheels? I am gonna say no on cop, although i could easily be convinced it’s the Darth F. Vader-mobile

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Erin Andrews made Favre quit

According to, our long national nightmare is over.  However, this follows by only a week, the breaking story of Erin Andrews taped through a peephole.  Coincidence?  I think not. Dear Brett: If you quit 2 years ago, I could have lived with not hearing from you for 5 years, then a little HoF circle […]

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Bless you Boys

What’s wrong with Detroit, part 17, 312:  the partially digested carcass of Tiger Stadium The Tigers got a new stadium for the 2000 season. As of a month ago, this much of the old place is STILL there, rotting.  Yeah yeah yeah, historical preservation and all that shit – but the ship has sailed.  Move […]

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Erin Andrews Naked?

It was not me. While I am a fan of naked chicas, it has to be by their choice or at least acquiescence to sharing the view. So no peephole cameras photos here. Also, if you find the video, USA Today reports you’ll get a virus.  So there’s your karma angle

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RIP Walter Cronkite

Loved you on the moon landings, except when i was outside squashing a toad.  For Kennedy 1, you were just unintelligible BS.  Did you hear me when i talked back into the tv speaker, telling you to shut up?

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