Today’s Brainstorm: Term Limits for Musicians

Elvis stuck around way too long (as a supposed rock star).  Same with Michael Jackson.  What did either of them do in the last 10 years of their careers that was worth a shit? (Rehashes of past success do not count.)

The Rolling Stones?  KISS?  They too got so old and comfortable that they stopped being relevant 20 years ago. Bands I understand a little bit, because there is more than one voice. The solo “artists” though. I mean WTF?! “In the ghetto”? Fat Elvis had no legitimacy. Poor white trash from Mississippi Elvis, might have been able to sing with credibility, but he was too busy making movie and getting laid to ladle out such treacle. Invincible? Can you name one song from that album? Can you hum a few bars?

Don’t go away dead. Just go away.

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