Good Career Move: 20 years too late

Dead dead guy:

You shoulda hit the Demerol in about 1989.  Everyone would love you.  I just listened to Smooth Criminal last night – infectious.  You still mostly looked like you.  You still sang like you and danced like you.  You were the King.  Had you graced us with your exit, you could have stayed the “King.”

I also listened to a 2003 performance of Ben.  Shittiness of the song notwithstanding, your performance was crap.  My voice broke less when I hit puberty.  The back up was straight out of  old Las Vegas (i.e., crappy show tunes)

Karma:  But Dr. G, even consummate professionals have off nights.  Plus, you like it when songs are obviously not lip synched.

Me:  True, and if this were a concert I attended, I would have no problem.  But, this was a recorded performance.  If this is the best he could do in concert, he sucked ass as a live performer.

Not to pile on (wait, I do mean to do that), your reputation would be less weirdo (no fake marriages, no fake sex life, no fake sperm donation on any of the kids, no hidden egg donation, no trial, no Gary Glitter/Rush Limbaugh trips to, uh, “priest-friendly” countries abroad.)

But, no, you had to keep going with the surgeries and alleged felonies and pretty much, you insured that while I may still listen to your music, I will not pay one dime to do so (thank you Rhapsody), and you will always have asterisks next to your name.

Say hi to the elephant man.  Good luck explaining to him what you did with his corpse, you twisted fuck.

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