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Drunk woman speeds in front of jail, arrested
YAVAPAI COUNTY, Ariz. – The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office says a woman was arrested after a deputy saw her driving 100 MPH in front of the Camp Verde Jail, with a blood alcohol level of .235.  On July 31, around 6:30 a.m., a deputy saw her driving on Highway 260 going about 100 MPH through a construction zone area.  As deputies tried to catch up to her, they saw her drive pass numerous vehicles on the wrong side of the roadway, in a no passing zone. Deputies also said the lanes were congested and reduced in size and speed due to construction work…  She finally came to a stop near the Camp Verde Jail … When [deputies] told her to get out of the car she could not stand without assistance and mumbled comments about the situation while sporadically falling asleep.

Note to self:  no more watching Ricky Bobby while on a bender.

DOOR DING gone bad

A woman was arrested Monday afternoon for multiple charges, including DUI and disorderly conduct, after a short chase, Gilbert Police said.  Lilly Grubbs, 46, was in a parking lot of a Circle K, at Higley and Williams Field roads when her car door struck another vehicle. She began arguing with the other driver, Dustin Poe… When Poe tried to call the police because he thought she was extremely impaired, she assaulted him by grabbing him and trying to take his phone…  Grubbs fled from the first officer to arrive at the scene and a short pursuit with speeds reaching 60 mph[ensued]…  Police said that prescription medication and alcohol was involved, and Grubbs had a preliminary alcohol concentration of 0.109 percent.

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