You’re lucky to be alive, son

Yay football.

Michigan edges Notre Dame, and order begins to be restored

Sorry Charlie, he was out.
Sorry Charlie, he was out.

So, a spontaneous bbq with Notre Dame fans was a good idea.

What was not so smart?

  • four beers during the game
  • The great idea by my guests to go to a bar for “one drink” after the game.
  • the car service.  Why is car service a bad idea?  Because the drivers were matching you on drinks 2:1
  • Five(?) more beers at the bar.
  • The car service guys were going 1:1 at that point.
  • (on arrival, whoever “felt better” between the two was to be the one driving home – yeesh. I assume they took a taxi)
  • Oh, and it was this bar.  Buckeye fricking central.
  • And I was wearing a blue shirt and my Michigan football hat.
  • evidently there was some conversation over blowjobs and jager girls

The one smart thing was leaving while OSU was ahead.  Bloody parking lot beat down averted.

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