Bikers do live in AZ

Like SAMCRO with real firepower
Like SAMCRO with real firepower ((c) HAMC via NewTimes)

Evidently, they are now considered a “street gang” (as opposed to a social club).  This designation allows the incompetent county attorney to add charges to ordinary crimes because of who is a friend of whom.  I have no problem with prosecuting crime.  I do have a problem with guilt by association-type crimes, like those now on the table.  Your membership is not a crime; your conspiracy (regardless of membership) is a different matter.  But, bikers are bad, and “criminal street gang” makes for a splashy headline.  Welcome to Arizona.

[Ed. note:  I saw one of our AZ club members outside my office yesterday morning – commuting, not stalking.  Naturally, the one time I do not have my camera on me…]

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