Cop Logic

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  2. The law allows government vehicles, whether they are maintainence, rescue, or police to violate the law in the performance of their duties. However, if they cause any harm because they violated said law, they are still responsible for the damage. One would think that it would be obvious why that is necessary, but I guess it is just easier to slam on the cops as if you know what they were doing even though you don’t.

    1. Steve, put down the Deputy Fife koolaid. This isn’t a real cop car. This is a mobile photo radar installation usually operated by a glorified private contractor. More like a metermaid than TJ Hooker. Its various placements around the state were based on maximum revenue generation, not safety, not genuine police functions. The governor who greenlit this boondoggle admitted that it was implemented for the specific purpose of raising funds. Her future budgets contemplated an escalating revenue stream from it, including the massive subsidies to Redflex to operate it. Its placement has nothing to do with any legitimate police function; the decision to flout the laws cops are sworn to uphold in pursuit of dollars is contemptible. Its no different than arrogant sheriffs violating the car pool lane rules because their donuts are getting cold.

      Put in simpler terms
      Actual cop work? OK to take some liberties with things like traffic laws.
      Convenience or money grabs? Fuck them. They can obey the same laws as everybody else.

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