Russo and Steele 2010: I’ve got a love-e-ly bunch of coconuts…

diddle dee doo

There they are all standing in a row

Black ones, gray ones, one with a $5,000 crack in its dash requiring a windshield removal to repair…

True story:  I’m at the dashboard place getting a cover for my dash.  This guy with a British accent speeds up in a Jaguar Series III XJ.  He’s there to pick up a black dash cover for a Ferrari TR.  Why?  Because (the story goes) it has a crack in the dash at the base of the windshield.  The cover will make it pretty, and the new owner can give Ferrari the 5 large it will take to pull the windshield and fix it.

Or not, one supposes.

Oh, THAT?! Don Johnson saw it and knifed it during a coke binge after Miami Vice was cancelled, is what I’m told. I would repair it, but it really adds to the story of the car, don’t you think?

Caveat emptor, you rich Ferrari buying bastards at Russo and Steele.

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