Karma is a sick bitch

A post about mutants triggers the Newsmax Is Sarah Palin a savant? push poll

Post: mutant. Banner: monster. Banner ad: Jesus, some jokes DO write themselves

in unrelated stories, the secretary who does NOT work for me (she works for Manny) is showing about 90% more cleavage than usual, and there is a an appointment downstairs who is “dumb, dizty,  and hot! A man’s dream come true!” according to Jack.  Sadly, she’s here to see Moe.  While Moe has dabbled with women, his 14 years with the same man pretty much means her assets are wasted on him.

Then fucking Manny tells me that, on the project that is “mine to handle,” I have to submit my changes and additions to him, so that the things I want to do fit with his plan on how he wants to handle this thing (that he wants me to handle).

Also, no, I can’t use his secretary.  For that either

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