Dear John

Do you REALLY need a thinly disguised string version of the “Dallas” theme as your background music?  FWIW, the part that exactly parrots the Dallas song is the part where Victoria Principal highlights her ample breasts.  I can’t hate you for that one part, dammit, but the Borg queen will be feasting on your shriveled […]

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John McCain: Douchebag

…leading the fight against President Obama… …last line of defense… –Actual radio ad by Grandma Nutty Fudge Seriously? You dumbass. You are not “at war” against the man or the office.  You are at war with a bigger douchebag for your job. “Less worse” – that is your only saving grace.

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Vegas Timeshare

You can do better than this, Lurlene

Yeah. I own it.  And no, the loose slots they advertised had nothing to do with gambling or hookers.  In a related story, meet my new husband Johnnie Walker. Read More