Owned by Discount Tire

Saturday 3:00.  Time to wash the xoxbox. (Ed.:  Redistribute the Phoenix rain slime is a more accurate description)

Me:  ooo a rock in the tire.
:  ooo, a roofing nail too?
:  Fuck.  Pull it and hole. * makes popping sound* New tire= $145.  Bank balance + available credit = $10.  Fuck.
:  Fix a flat means new TPMS sensor too.  Add $120 please.  Fuck.
Me:  Oh wait, Discount Tire loves me with free rotations and tire repairs.


Me:  Hi Discount Tire.  I have a nail in my wheel.  I am a dumbass.
Discount Tire:  Hi.  No, it’s a rock.  Yes, you are.  Fortunately there is no moron surcharge on free services.
Karma*pisses pants laughing*

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