Karma: Would you like door number one or door number two?

Door #1


Rock:  Hi mustang.  Let me chip your windshield.
Geico:  A Lizard Caveman cocktail will fix it nicely.  No deductible.
Me:  Yay.

Fastforward to 2010

Rock:  Fuck you xoxBox windshield. Die from a puny chip to the sweet spot.
Geico:  Hah!  no coverage for you, dancer boy.
Me:  huh?  WTF?
Geico:  We don’t know if we cancelled or you did, but we do know you don’t have coverage anymore.
Safelite Repair Dude: $286 cash please.  daddy needs a new pair of hookers and blow.

Door #2


Me:  155?  I like it here.
SWFsI wanna rock with you.

Various dramas ensue


Me:  The 34s went from loosies to no this ain’t happening
Scale:  Remember me? Perhaps you remember my friend?
Beer:  And me?
Hot wings: And us?
Beer:  But mostly me?

Karma:  Laughs maniacally.

LA Fitness:  Remember me?  I’ll sing Whitney Houston if it helps.

So there it is.

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