JLR Was Right?

A million years ago in Denver, I was involved in pedicle screw/spinal fusion surgery lawsuits.  There was a plaintiff named Johnny Lee.  His complaint was this:

Before surgery: boinked his wife 6-10 times a week; interactions were typically 90-120 minutes.

After surgery:  boinked his wife 4-7 times a week; interactions were typically 30-45 minutes. (This dropoff happened after surgery @ about 15 years of marriage)

I scoffed at the time.  Bull fucking shit. Frequency and amplitude were both obviously wild exaggerations.  (I had been married for 5 years at that point and had my own data set.)  I figured that he was just to proud to admit that he desperately wanted Pfizer to invent Viagra.  But (basically), for purposes of civil damages, you’re still getting laid dude – what are your damages?  If you’re lying about sleeping with your wife, you have to sleep with that lie.  We’re not paying.

Nothing in the next 8 years of marriage disabused me of my skepticism.

Then I got divorced.

After wandering in the Arctic tundra, and then the post apocalyptic barren wastelands for a while, I discovered oases that were not mirages.  I have subsequently supplemented my data set, reanalyzed my data, rejected my initial conclusion and revised my theory.  So, yay science.  I can tell you that applying the scientific method to this case study was much more satisfying than simply saying “because God made it that way.”

So there you go.

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