Random shit

In a moment of dumbass, I watched American Idol last night.

  • Todrick on AI wears “look at my enormous penis” pants while singing Freddie Mercury.  Ha!
  • The first kid without a guitar was wiping the mike across his face like it was penis chapstick.
  • I thought Adam Lambert was last year, fellas
  • Everyone else wanted to sound like Dave Matthews, as opposed to the girls the night before, who mostly wanted to sound like the love child of Jewel and that girl who wants to by me Rogaine. [Ed.: Ingrid Michaelson]

I am getting to the point where “single dude in a shitty apartment” seems like normal.  Normal is good.  And where Coors Light doesn’t have to be my Halcion/Ambien/Lunestra/Nytol.  Waking up in my own bed> couch in front of a TV> Cripley’s balcony in a blackout-lifting fog.  Most days.

I killed thousands in GTA IV, yet somehow it’s not enough.  I may have to buy the expansion.  That is, if I can ever get out of this get paid, pay bills, wait 12 days to have money again cycle.

Me, bitching about money again

Is it football season yet?

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