Look, Jerry, you’re not selling me a damn car. It’s my show here.

Just total fuckin’ silence. Two can play at that game, smart guy. We’ll just see how you like it. Total silence.
I’m fuckin’ hungry now, you know!
Fucking little weasel! Fuck you! You fucking motherfucker son of a bitch Jesus Christ you fucking shitbag motherfucker!
Was he funny lookin’ apart from that?
I’m… I’m not arguing here! I’m cooperating. So there’s no need to–we’re doin’ all we can here.
And I says, ‘What kinda action?’ And he says, ‘Woman action, what do I look like?’ And I says, ‘Well, what do I look like, I don’t arrange that kinda thing,’ and he says, ‘But I’m goin’ crazy out there at the lake,’ and I says, ‘Yeah, but this ain’t that kinda place.’

Last 3 pieces by Adam Homan

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