Fuck you and the horse you rode in on

(poorly worded sign (c)Debbie Marie Arambula)

No Photos!
Look with your eyes,
Feel with your heart!

Any photos, even with cellphones,
is shoplifting!
These images are Copyrighted Protected
by Debbie Marie Arambula
Protect the Heart of the Artist!

Dear Debbie Marie Arambula:

Are you fucking kidding me?  “Shoplifting”? Have you heard of the First Amendment? Fair Use? The government’s policy on its own stuff?

My 5th grade teacher: Or grammar (“any photos… is shoplifting”; “Copyrighted Protected”)?

It is an open air art festival on a public street.  There are no conditions to entry.  You have a booth.  You have made no effort to keep me from viewing your “art” from the space (we call it the entire planet) outside the confines of your booth.  Thus, you and your ridiculous and obnoxious sign cannot dictate terms to me.  The fact that you tried requires me to do the following:

Here’s your “art” (which is all copyrighted by Debbie Marie Arambula), but this image of it IS copyrighted. By me. STFU
“Dragonfly Dream”[?
Had enough? (paintings (c)Debbie Marie Arambula)

Next time just say “No Photos Please” It’s simpler and more elegant. It’s more about courtesy, and less about meaningless declarations that get shot down by FAIR USE. Just a thought…

6 thoughts on “Fuck you and the horse you rode in on

  1. You mean this artist doesn’t actually control the universe? That she can’t control who sees her stuff or how when it’s open to the public and the Jack in the Box surveillance cameras?

    I wonder how she feels about me taking a picture of my computer when it’s on her website showing her art. Or if I twittered that she paints bugs and romanticized organs. What if i painted a picture of a camera phone picture of her bug paintings?

  2. WOW your a DICK! I guess thtas what happends when someone doesn’t have a life and nothing better to do. Ms Arambula is just asking for a little respect for her work… By the way amazing art work!!

    1. WOW your a DICK!

      Thanks! P.S. I do have a life. Ms. Arambula is not simply “asking for a little respect for her work.” She is asserting rights she does not have, making demands that are unenforceable and treating patrons and passersby as lesser beings who should be grateful to be in the presence of her and her crayoned and fingerpainted hearts, bugs and flowers.

      Her solution is to display this dreck in a private gallery. There, she can dictate terms, like photos, etc. Out on a public street in plan view of anyone, her “art” is fair game, especially for fair use commentary like mine.

  3. Her art is her bread and butter. Would you like someone to steal yours? I think not. I’m going to her website right now and buy some!!

    1. People steal my “art” (such as it is) all the time. I don’t labor under the illusion that I can control who appropriates it, especially on the internet. I operate under a common content license, which is supposed to mean that people can use it for non-commercial purposes, so long as they don’t change it and give me credit.

      Enjoy your purchase.

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