Fancy Parking

Fancy Parking is still the new hotness Arizona law allows cops to piss on the very laws they pretend to enforce in order to enforce the law. Karma:  Mindfucking, isn’t it? This clown’s excuse for blocking the sidewalk?  Wait for it… Donuts

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Party of No

Hi, I’m Dr. Chris Salvino.  I have no original thoughts.  Fucking JD Hayworth at least comes up with lies like “Protecting Arizona families.”  Even though he is just “protecting” them from manicured lawns, clean pools, tamale stands on the corner, and gay man/horse weddings, it’s at least something.  on the other hand, all I could […]

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Your tax dollars at work

Mother Nature: I like wind Palm trees: Oops. My dead fronds fell down in the middle of the street from all this wind. Lurlene: Oh look. The street is impassable due to a giant stack of dead tree parts. I will move them out of the street, which will provide an ancillary benefit to this […]

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Dear Tom Cruise

Why does your sandwich board treat “ET” differently than the rest of “Xenu Koolaid” Is it a shout out to Spielberg or Reese’s Pieces? Is it a secret symbol like the arrow in the FedEx logo? What’s the Answer?  Do I have to get in the windowless van to an undisclosed location to find out?

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