Wells Fargo Sucks

Her:  I have a money order issued by Wells Fargo bank
Me:  Let’s take it to Wells Fargo Bank to be cashed.
Her:  It was purchased in another state
Me:  Wells Fargo is a National Association

10 minutes waiting in line later..

Her:  Hi Wells Fargo Bank, issuer of this money order.  Please cash it.
WFB:  Do you have an account?
Her:  No, but you issued it.
WFB:  We don’t care.  Next!
Her:  Wait, I am here with a WFB multiple account holder.
WFB:  We hate you, but we’ll let him deposit it in his account.  Next!

Me:  OK, I am here.  Can we deposit this in my account?
WFB:  Let me ask my manager.
WFB:  Oh look, the money order is $65 more than your current balance.  We cannot accept this instrument for deposit.
Me:  You don’t care that there will be a direct deposit for 20 times this difference in 39 hours?
Exactly. Next!
Me:  You refuse to redeem this negotiable instrument that you issued.
WFB:  Moneygram issued it.  Yyou can cash it there.  Next!
Moneygram:  *salivates at the though of a commission on the redemption end*
Me: So, “issued by Wells Fargo Bank” doesn’t mean what is says?
WFB:  Well, “WE” didn’t issue it.  Wells Fargo Bank, Anchorage Alaska did.  They will redeem it.  Next!
Me:  It was bought on the Atlantic coast.   The purchaser did not drive to Anchorage to obtain it.
WFB:  What’s your point?  Don’t you want a vacation?  Sarah Palin will welcome you.  Next!
Me:  so “National Association” only applies when it works for you, not your customers?
WFB:  Exactly.  Have a nice day.  Next!

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