J.D. Hayworth on Gay Marriage

I don’t make this shit up.

This is what keeps JD awake at night…A night of tequila and Adam Lambert on the range and next thing you know…

Sit on my mane, and telle me that you love me...
JD: Your mane is so well coiffed. Let me practice my husbandry on you.

JD: Why don’t we remember a God damn thing from last night?
JD’s new Husband: Obviously because we had a great fucking time.

Or else it goes this way – another (ex-)congressman caught sampling at the forbidden trough

You know the rule don't get caught with a live boy or a dead hooker or a horse that would fail a DNA test.
I swear, this is just a traditional Arizona BBQ - tenderized horse loins. No, I don't have alfalfa caught in my zipper.

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