DeLoss Dodds: Super Genius

Pac-10 expansion: The Texas conspiracy theory | College Hotline.

*** At the last minute, the Big 12 (predictably) devises a plan to save the conference by opening the vault for Texas:

The Longhorns get an even greater share of the revenue and the option to start their own network — a package reportedly worth about $25 million annually.

*** Meanwhile, after knowing the terms of the Pac-10’s proposal, the Longhorns change course and ask for something they know they won’t get: an unequal share of the superconference revenue and their own network.

(Citing a source close to the Pac-10’s expansion negotiations, the Denver Post reported the following:

(In the 11th hour, after months of telling us they understand the TV rights, they’re trying to pull a fast one on the verge of sealing the deal in the regents meeting,” the source said. “They want a better revenue-sharing deal and their own network. Those were points of principle. ((The Pac-10)) wants to treat everyone fairly. It’s been that way for months of discussions.”)

*** The Pac-10 responds exactly the way Texas expects: It doesn’t budge.

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