Fear and Self Loathing in the Desert

Andrew Thomas represents all that is ugly in Arizona Politics.  His wife is Hispanic, but he is banging the drum to send all the brown people away (unless they have their papers) This The Truth About Tom Horne is his latest attack site.

I am frankly surprised that he had the balls to put his name on it.


So, he is at least less dishonest than Sheriff Premature Election Joe.

The worst part is his signs.  They are 100% pure Colombian hateful.  Those don’t own up to Thomas and his limp-dick No one hates brownies more than me political strategy.

Zieg Heil
ooooo, brown people are scary

Seriously, Andy?  A frowny face?  Are you that much of supercilious, condescending twit?  Are you that afraid to run just on your record (of failure)?  Vote for me or your gardener might get to stay in this country?  Is that REALLY the best thought your Harvard education prepared you to make? Stop tom dot com?  Did you get that from Karl Rove or the Teletubbies?

This particular sign is about a mile from the Hispanic/Yaqui Indian enclave of Guadalupe, where the Sheriff is fond of catching the heinous broken taillight/cracked windshield violators, in case their brown skin means “illegal.”

It’s also 50 feet from a Tom Horne sign

Wonder how that got there…

Really?  The one campaign sign pulled down at the same time the “Tom doesn’t hate Brown people enough” sign went up?  Really?

Welcome to third grade Arizona politics.


Website WHOIS info as of 7/31/10:

Thomas for AG
4757 E. Greenway Rd., #103-233
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
United States

Domain Name: STOPTOM.COM
Created on: 11-Jun-10
Expires on: 11-Jun-11
Last Updated on: 11-Jun-10

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