Bagman lives

Ironic that I saw this Toyota Corolla right after golfing.  In today’s moment of d-ooh, no real camera at hand and some undisguised prototype SUV drove up right after.

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Has it been a year already?

I just want to wish you good luck for your lonely pathetic future – as I am quite sure that NO-ONE will put up with your selfish bullshit like I did for TWO FUCKING YEARS (I want those years back) And don’t forget Baby that I love you with all of my heart. And by […]

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GoldFinger in Real Life?

Fake gold bars in Bank of England and Fort Knox | Pakistan Daily. It’s one thing to counterfeit a twenty or hundred dollar bill. The amount of financial damage is usually limited to a specific region and only affects dozens of people and thousands of dollars. Secret Service agents quickly notify the banks on how […]

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