Are you fucking kidding me?  $35?  PER PERSON?  Last year it was free (except for the part where I skipped a $250 BMG show to go to your “VIP” Offspring concert).  Last year, I got to go on Tuesday.  Last year as a condition of free attendance, I had to work.  This year, I have to wait until the end, and pay, and work for the privilege?  Wow.  Awesome.  Can’t wait.

Next week we’ll be going to a much wider audience with our offer to attend 2010 SEMA Show.

If you are interested, don’t delay. Spaces are limited and once we go big, you may not get a second chance to be one of the nation’s most active and influential automotive enthusiasts to help us identify future trends in the market.

Register now for the SEMA Enthusiast Opinion Leader Research Project.

The SEMA Show is the largest trade show of its kind on the planet, featuring thousands of new automotive specialty parts and accessories, as well as the coolest and most extreme collection of customized and classic vehicles ever assembled. You’ve got the industry’s premier parts manufacturers meeting with the most qualified buyers to do business at a trade show that is not open to the general public.(But it is to you if your participate in this program!)

As a participant, you’ll get an exclusive preview of thousands of new products and vehicles and share your opinions with the world using photos, videos and comments through your favorite social media.

Registration for this Friday, November 5, 2010 program at the Convention Center in Las Vegas is only $35/person. (And you can bring one friend for an additional $35.)

Your window of opportunity is closing quickly. Register now before it’s too late.


Megan McKernan
SEMA Market Research Special Projects Manager

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