Deep Thoughts

Every joy or sorrow falleth from above
Traced upon our dial by the Son of Love….

–An 1876 poem my sister Buzzkill quoted

Why do Christians hate the present and the future? “Thee, thou, falleth, smite”
[apologies for the accidental haiku]

Is Christianity one big Amway pyramid scam?

Why do cities hate their citizens?  For years, this was a former gas station, converted to a small business store selling southwestern art.  Mesa decided that this was a signature intersection and that a pink building selling pottery would simply not do.  So, they took it.  Now, it’s SO MUCH BETTER as an empty lot.  Tempe likewize razed a bunch of old, full of character buildings to make way for a hotel project next to Mill Ave.  Problem was, the funding was not in place and the projkect is not happening.  Now, we have gravel lots that you can’t use instead of small independent businesses and housing. Yay.

Yeah, I am pissy today.  Fuck off.

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