Fancy Parking

It’s morning and I am splayed out in the parking lot of Christie’s Cabaret.  Again.  I need to get to Bandaids Show Lounge . because, last I knew, Lurlene was puking in a dumpster after quart of Wild Turkey and scissoring a couple of “performance artists” on the hood of a stolen Dodge Viper in their parking lot.

It’s a simple enough drive…

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Except for these guys.

John Fucking Donut Boy Law
Toby. Toby! I got me a regular Ben-Hur down here. Doing 95… minimum

Not just the fully armed and operational photo radar cameras, but 6 DPS lurking on the side along 8 miles of highway. Not so funny when you’re hungover and half blind, and your gravelly voice is a literal reminder of the parking lot you just left and not from some Marlboro mistake.

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