I was duped

Many moons ago, I tawt I taw a puddy tat thought I saw a Ferrari 512 BB – my wettest of wet dream Ferraris.  I would sell rent my kids for menial labor in exchange for a few minutes behind the wheel and on the hood (with a girl – not like this)

Today, I saw it again…

Ferrari 512BB replica
What’s the matter here?

Something seemed just not quite right.  The rear overhang is stubby, yet the fron seems ginourmous.

Ferrari 512BB replica
Curiouser and curiouser

Not to mention unframed windows and awkward double wipers.

When I spotted it acrss the parking lot, I even thought Pantera?  Something about the rear passenger window…

I looked on the internet for pictures of a real 512. (Mine didn’t really help.) This looks different.  So does this.

These shots really nailed it for me:

Ferrari 512BB replica
the more common view of these things
Ferrari 512BB replica
I just barfed in my mouth a little

Sulu:  My… God!

It’s this:

fake Ferrari
Fakey McFakerson

Joe’s Pocket Rocket!: Ferrari 512 BB replica/kit car of a 1980 model year. 1984 Ferrari 512TR – St. Jean, QC.

I don’t know what the donor car is, Fiero, MR2, VW, but it’s a goddam fake.  I am so sad.  My trophy of trophies is no more real than a goddam Bricklin.  (Or a Kelmark.)

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